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Drum Majors Mason Kiser and Zach Moring on Fox23 News promoting The Rose Parade Rally. On Monday, Dec 17, the community is invited to Main Street in BA to watch the band rehearse and take care of some holiday shopping. The Rose Parade Rally is a free, family-friendly event open to the entire community.


95.85 – Carmel, IN
95.70 – Broken Arrow, OK
93.90 – Avon, IN
93.80 – Tarpon Springs, FL
92.90 – Marian Catholic, IL
89.85 – James Bowie, TX
89.15 – Kennesaw Mountain, GA
87.65 – William Mason, OH
87.60 – Center Grove, IN
87.35 – Lawrence Central, IN
87.30 – Ronald Reagan, TX
84.95 – Plymouth Canton, MI

Outstanding Music Performance – Carmel, IN
Outstanding Visual Performance – Broken Arrow, OK
Outstanding General Effect – Broken Arrow, OK

7:45pm – EX: Western, IN
8:00pm – Kennesaw Mountain, GA
8:15pm – William Mason, OH
8:30pm – Carmel, IN
8:45pm – Avon, IN
9:00pm – Broken Arrow, OK
9:15pm – James Bowie, TX
9:30pm – Marian Catholic, IL
9:45pm – Ronald Reagan, TX
10:00pm – Plymouth-Canton, MI
10:15pm – Tarpon Springs, FL
10:30pm – Lawrence Central, IN
10:45pm – Center Grove, IN

Class AAAA
1st Place- Carmel, IN
2nd Place- Broken Arrow, OK
3rd Place- James Bowie, TX

Outstanding Music Performance – Carmel, IN
Outstanding Visual Performance – (tie) Broken Arrow, OK/Carmel, IN
Outstanding General Effect – Broken Arrow, OK

Class AAA
1st Place- Kennesaw Mountain, GA
2nd Place- Franklin, TN
3rd Place- Bellevue West, NE

Outstanding Music Performance – Kennesaw Mountain, GA
Outstanding Visual Performance – Kennesaw Mountain, GA
Outstanding General Effect – Kennesaw Mountain, GA

Class AA
1st Place- Tarpon Springs, FL
2nd Place- Marian Catholic, IL
3rd Place- Nation Ford, SC

Outstanding Music Performance – Tarpon Springs, FL
Outstanding Visual Performance – (tie) Marian Catholic, IL/Tarpon Springs, FL
Outstanding General Effect – Tarpon Springs, FL

Class A
1st Place- Western, IN
2nd Place- Forest Park, IN
3rd Place- Norton, OH

Outstanding Music Performance – Western, IN
Outstanding Visual Performance – Norton, OH
Outstanding General Effect – Forest Park, IN


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