Support the BA Indoor Percussion by having a yard ‘Flamingo’d'!!

Winter Percussion/Guard Students have started a new fundraiser for their trip accounts.  You can have someone’s yard FLAMINGO’D! This is a great way to show someone how much you love them!!

Seriously, don’t you wish you could wake up to 30 Pink Flamingos in YOUR front yard? Don’t worry, the birds will “fly away” the next day and you’ll get to keep the sign to show your support of BA Bands and BA Indoor!

Front of your new Sign!

Back of your new Sign!

Click Here for an order form to Flamingo someone’s yard.

Please send forms to Cori Aschkenas at .

2015 BA Summer Schedule (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

April 17-18 - Friday 5-8/Saturday 9-12
April 24-25 - Friday 5-8/Saturday 9-12

May 1-2 - Friday 5-9/Saturday 9-1
May 8-9 - Friday 5-9/Saturday 9-1
May 15-16 - Friday 5-9/Saturday 9-1
May 22-23 - Friday 5-9/Saturday 9-1

June 4-6 - Thursday 9-1/2-5…Friday 9-1/2-5…Saturday 9-1
June 12-13 - Friday 5-8/Saturday 9-12
June 19-20 - Friday 5-8/Saturday 9-12
June 22-24 - Thursday 9-1/2-5…Friday 9-1/2-5…Wednesday 9-1

July 23-25 - Summer Band
July 27-August 1 - Summer Band

August 3-8 - Summer Band
August 10-15 - Summer Band
August 17-18 - Summer Band
August 20 - Summer School

The 2015 Pride of Broken Arrow Color Guard

Akins, Taliyah
Allen, Malorie
Boswell, Calissa
Brewer, Haleigh
Brown, Asia
Burch, Grace
Butefish, Alexis
Cha, Abby
Conklin, Nikolette
Curtsinger, Sidney
Deal, Skyler
Denny, Autumn
Dickson, Madalyn
Doring, Emily
Dout, Madison
Dout, Morgan
Edwards, Caitlyn
Farlow, Miranda
Feuerborn, Savanna
Floyd, Kristen
Freed, Hannah
Gambill, Morgan
Gaunt, Olivia
Gentry, Ashlynn
Gerrior, Tiffany
Gildea, Christina
Green, Jayson
Green, Jordann
Groves, Victoria
Guernsey, Sarah
Hardaway, Destiny
Harrell, Susanne
Harris, Teyana
Hayes, Kenley
Hernandez, Franci
Hernandez, Lili
Howard, Sara
Huss, Julia
Huss, Megan
Jeffress, Kourtney
Jones, Ashlyn
Kelso, Skylee
Kritikos, Kylie
Lanter, Madison
Lee, Taylor
McGuire, Carissa
McGuire, Emily
Mitchell, Alexandra
Newcomer, Kaylee
Palmer, Ocea
Patterson, Alexa
Penrice, Maranda (Beth)
Pense, Madison
Perry, Tirzah
Phillips, Carly
Pickel, Shelby
Platner, Madison
Polk, Katelynn
Polovich, Amy
Rotert, Kelsey
Rupp, Clara
Rushing, Cassidy
Schaumleffle, Claire
Shaw, Danielle
Shawareb, Ranim
Shepherd, Bre
Sturgeon, Savannah
Summers, Katie
Turner, Ashley
Vargas, Cara
White, Tore
Yarbrough, Casey

Audition Dates

Friday, February 20: 5-8pm

Band Room/Gym

Canceled due to Inclement Weather

Friday, February 27: 5-8pm

Band Room/Gym

Friday, March 6: 5-8pm

Band Room/Gym

Friday, March 13: 5-8pm

Band Room/Gym

Friday, April 3: 5-8pm

Band Room/Gym


Friday, April 10: 5-9pm

Saturday, April 11: 9am-4pm

Band Room/Gym

E Jazz Roster
Spring 2015

Alto 1- Jonathan Coon
Alto 2- David Cahill
Alto 2- Allen Quinton
Tenor 1- Maddie Fleming
Tenor 2- Olivia Webb
Tenor 2- Jacob Bible
Bari - Britton Ash

Austin Burk
Jon Kimbrough
Noah Schriner
Ryan Sloan
Bass - William Carey

Tyler Curran
Joe Paul Crowl
Jacob Howard
Cass King
Kacie Luker
Mitch Mazur
Noah Osbourne
Joe Tapper

Greg Van Pelt

Drake Walker

Chris Young

Ricky Mowery

2014 Broken Arrow Indoor Percussion

Adriane Baker
Chase Davis
Josh McElroy
Nick Redwine
Nick Schmitt

Bradley Sheofee
Noah Watkins
Cody Watson

Corbin Knox
Jacob Domrique
Jordan Slatcher
Ron O’Bryant
Tony Clark

Alexis Butefish
Shane Donaldson
Bryce Hicks
Jacob Malone
Jon Sawyer


Cale Buchanan
Aaron DeVries
Mason Rhue
Chris Royal

Riley Allen
Aly Davidson
Blake Jumper
Becca Sunny

Courtney Hamilton

Caleb Posey

Richard Ly

Kacie Brown
Jack Summers

Auxiliary Percussion
Elijah Boado
Rian Fuller
Trevor Phillips

Jessica Barnes
Tiffany Gerrior
Alye Knox
Beth Penrice
Katie Summers
Kelsey Tennant


Adriane Baker
Chase Davis
Jacob Domrique
Josh McElroy
Nick Redwine
Nick Schmitt

Ron O’Bryant
Bradley Sheofee
Noah Watkins

1- Corbin Knox
2- Cody Watson
3- Elijah Boado
4- Jordan Slatcher
5- Richard Ly


Cale Buchanan
Aaron DeVries
Caleb Posey
Mason Rhue
Chris Royal

Riley Allen
Aly Davidson
Blake Jumper
Becca Sunny

Courtney Hamilton

Jack Summers

Kacie Brown
Caleb Russell

Auxiliary Percussion
Rian Fuller
Logan Morris
Blake Whorton

Sound Technician
Trevor Phillips

2014PridePercussion (PDF)

Malorie Allen
Jessica Barnes
Calissa Boswell
Haleigh Brewer
Asia Brown
Carli Bunde
Grace Burch
Alexis Butefish
Abby Cha
Kaitlyn Compton
Nikolette Conklin
Abby Donathan
Emily Doring
Morgan Dout
Madison Dout
Isabel English
Katelyn Ensley
Gabbie Eulenfeld
Miranda Farlow
Skye Farnsworth
Savanna Feuerborn
Kristen Floyd
Hannah Freed
Morgan Gambill
Ashlynn Gentry
Tiffany Gerrior
Christina Gildea
Jayson Green
Victoria Groves
Sarah Guernsey
Teyana Harris
Kenley Hayes
Lili Hernandez
Franci Hernandez
Shelby Holt
Megan Huss
Vi Huynh
Kourtney Jeffress
Ashlyn Jones
Kylee Kemp
Gloria Kermanshahi
Alye Knox
Kylie Kritikos
Bailey Kuss
Madison Lanter
Paige Leatherman
Taylor Lee
Lauren Leiding
Ana Martinez
Julie Mazur
Emily McGuire
Lesliee Medina
Kara Osborne
Ocea Palmer
Emily Pendergraft
Beth Penrice
Madison Pense
Carly Phillips
Shelby Pickel
Madison Platner
Amy Polovich
Tatiana Rogers
Kelsey Rotert
Cassidy Rushing
Claire Schaumleffle
Ranim Shawareb
Bre Shepherd
Savannah Sturgeon
Katie Summers
Kate Sykora
Kelsey Tennant
Aryn Thompson
April Totten
Ashley Turner
Cara Vargas
Tore White
Casey Yarbrough

All State Auditions for Orchestra and 2nd Round auditions for Band will take place on Saturday, December 14th at Westmoore High School, beginning at 2:15 PM.

The change to the starting time is necessary because of ACT testing at the audition site and to help accommodate students’ schedules who may be taking the test.  With the exception of SENIORS, there will be no further accommodation for conflicts between ACT testing and audition times.

SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS with conflicts that may not allow them to arrive by 2:15 may elect to postpone their testing date.

Auditioning SENIORS who cannot arrive by 2:15 may request a late check in, not to exceed 4:00 PM, by contacting Mr. Davis at no later than 12:00pm on Tuesday, December 10.

School transportation will be provided and a detailed itinerary will be distributed to students in class and will be available on the BA Bands website once it is released on Monday.

NOTE:  There will be no hotel lodging for this rescheduled event.  Each students’ room fee will be credited to their student account to be applied toward upcoming expenses (i.e. trip payments, ring payments, additional banquet tickets, etc).


Broken Arrow students with Mr. Stephens at Music for All Summer Symposium in Muncie, IN


Carnegie Hall

In an exciting announcement, the Broken Arrow High School Band, Orchestra, and Choir will present a concert in the world famous Carnegie Hall. New York City is home to the world famous Carnegie Hall, an acoustical masterpiece and site of the world’s most notable performers. This will be a truly amazing cultural and performance experience for the Broken Arrow Band. Mark your calendars now for this ‘once in a lifetime’ performance on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?   …Practice!

Keys to the City Pledge
Discounted Concert Ticket Order Form
Trip Itinerary
Carnegie Hall Experience Shirt
Letter from Fine Arts Director












Contact Us

Visit the staff page for a listing of staff members and their email addresses.

(918) 259-8550

1901 E. Albany
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

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