Welcome to a great year of marching band. The following guidelines will help everyone have a good year and look great. If you have any questions, please call or email the Functions Chairman on the Band Parent Volunteer Page.

We are glad you are participating in “The Pride & Tradition of Broken Arrow”!


You will need long black socks (no anklets or no shows).

Pride members will be issued 1 t-shirt to be worn under uniform at all times, every game & contest.

Pride members will be issued 1 pair of gloves, included in your cost.  Others may be purchased from the volunteer uniform parents.

Everyone will need sliders (tight fitting pants) they may be black or white.

Shakos may be cleaned with household cleaner such as, Windex or 409, or put in dishwasher (on top rack) with minimal cleaner.  Shakos must be set upright & allowed to dry completely so no water spots occur.

Shoes should be clean for every performance! Shoes can be cleaned with soap and water to remove dirt.

If you forget to bring part of your uniform for a performance, you may purchase:

  • Gloves ($4 pair)
  • T-shirt ($10)
  • Ball cap ($10)

Payment must be made at time of purchase! There will not be extra shoes available!!!

Do not spray excess perfume, deodorant or hair spray on or next to garment. The residue from these items will cause a build up on the fabric and decorations.


  • Jacket- PER DESIGN. (BAND)             $85.00
  • Gauntlet – PER DESIGN. (BAND)        $22.00
  • Bib Pants – PER DESIGN. (BAND)      $54.00
  • Jacket – PER DESIGN. (PIT)                $85.00
  • Wraps – PER DESIGN. (PIT)                 $17.00
  • Bib Pants – PER DESIGN. (PIT)           $50.00
  • Jacket- PER DESIGN. (DM’S)               $85.00
  • Gauntlet – PER DESIGN. (DM’S)          $22.00
  • Bib Pants – PER DESIGN. (DM’S)        $54.00

Uniform Care / Washing

Thank you so much for your time and energy. You are helping make our kids the best looking band on the field. If you have any questions, please contact the Functions parent volunteer from our Band Parent Association page.


Machine wash and dry gentle cycle. Please check necks, elbows and legs for stains that need pre-treating. (DO NOT OVERLOAD MACHINE).

If a stain does occur sponge with water if at all possible so it doesn’t have time to set. You may use “Spray and Wash” and other non-chlorine stain removers when washing. Use only non-chlorine detergent. Many detergents are harsh and have a bleaching ingredient that will cause even colorfast fabric to migrate.

Use cool or normal setting on dryer. A normal dryer will remove most wrinkles. Crease in pants will hold up with proper washing and drying.  Remove uniform promptly from washer & dryer to reduce wrinkles.


Make any repairs as needed. Repair of minor seam rips or trim must be taken care of before the problem gets worse. If the repair is more than you feel comfortable with, feel free to call the parent uniform volunteer.  DO NOT CUT ANY FABRIC.

Please pick up, wash and have uniforms back at least two days prior to the performance each time, unless noted.

Contact Us

Visit the staff page for a listing of staff members and their email addresses.

(918) 259-8550


1901 E. Albany
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

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